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IR Press & Lymphatic Drainage

A treatment that can help to break down fat deposits, target cellulite areas

and get rid of lymphatic fluid and inflammation.

IR Press & Lymphatic Drainage

My IR Press treatment helps to break down fat deposits and cellulite that sits under the skin. It can also help with sore joints and to get rid of lymphatic fluid and inflammation. Using compression, infrared and heat, it helps stimulate the lymphatic system and makes you sweat which helps remove the toxins from your body.

This treatment can also aid with weight loss. How it works is the pads get put on to pressure points in the body and help stimulates the metabolism, as well as burn calories. 

Cellulite Treatment

This treatment can be done on its own or as an add-on to the IR Press treatment. It targets specific areas to help get rid of that unwanted Cellulite. The main areas that people like to target are the top of thighs and glute areas, under the arms, around the back and also the stomach. 


IR Press Treatment

        Add-on Cellulite Treatment extra

Cellulite Treatment on 2 areas




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