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Client Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients have to say.


"I started seeing Dianne in March of 2024 with the purpose of losing weight. With her support, I have learnt to eat foods that nourish my body and soul. I’ve noticed huge shifts physically, mentally and hormonally. I can honestly say I’ve never been in better health. With her help I have successfully managed to keep 7kgs off. Dianne has done more than just provide me with a meal plan, over the course of the program she has taught me how to eat properly and continue to do so even when not following a plan to live the best life I possibly can. I highly recommend her services."


"Weight loss is such a sensitive subject to many and I am one of them. I have been overweight for the past 5 years and I felt like I was losing control over my body and eventually gave up on even trying to lose weight. In early January, this year one of my colleagues was telling me about the diet, eating plan and lifestyle change she was doing. To be honest I didn’t believe anything she told me till I started noticing results on her. I came to my colleague one afternoon and said, “So who’s this lady you’re seeing regarding your weight loss journey?” Her face lit up and said I will message her and book an appointment for you. I attended my first appointment with Dianne and it was the best decision I have ever made. I was very determined to lose weight and knew this time was different to any other times I attempted to lose weight. I remember asking Dianne if this new lifestyle change and eating plan was going to work and she smiled and said if you follow the eating plan along with some exercise, you will start to notice results. From January to August, I went from size 16 to size 10. Attending weekly appointments was most important to me because I knew this was the only time I could take care of myself, weekly consults also helped me stay on track. My message to everyone out there is that there is no magic pill or drink that helps with weight loss; it all starts with a lifestyle change. Thank you so much Dianne for always believing in me and encouraging me to make better lifestyle choices. I wouldn’t have done it without your support."


"I had a weight problem and was told by my Dr. that I needed to lose weight. I went to Dianne and seen her for a few months. I found it easy to work with her, as she guided me each week. She gave me a menu to follow, I got weighed weekly and the weight just fell off. I found her so easy to talk to, she is so caring. I have never found a consultant that makes you feel at ease and puts her heart into it and wants to just help you succeed. You get to eat your own fresh food and will feel so much lighter,  healthier and happier. I strongly recommend Dianne, she is an amazing, caring person that’s cares about that weight loss for you."


"I started seeing Dianne from Natural Weight Loss and Nutrition Consulting three years ago when I had a liver problem. Dianne introduced an eating plan for me, this taught me how to eat healthy. I learned how to understand foods I ate and how the body works with foods. I lost 15kg over 6 months and my weight has stayed stable ever since. I don't believe I would have reached my goals had I not seen Dianne and worked through her program. I also have regular Detox's, which removes toxins and makes my body function better. I don't ever consider the word diet when trying to lose weight, to me it's eating healthy for life. I recommend Dianne - Natural Weight Loss and Nutrition Consulting to anyone wanting to make a lifetime change in their health!"


"Dianne is a genuine person. Well knowledged in her Natural Weight Loss program. Always with positive attitude and advice. Foot Detox is a real eye opener."


"I started seeing Dianne because I was always feeling tired and unmotivated. I started having Foot Detoxes every two weeks and taking a supplement that Dianne said would help me and I have noticed a massive difference! I also was having trouble sleeping, waking up 2 - 3 times a night, so I talked to Dianne and she put me on to a supplement that helped me sleep the whole night without waking up. Now I'm sleeping properly again without the supplement! I am so glad I decided to do something for myself and listen to my body! Thanks Dianne."



"I first contacted Dianne in 2016 because I wanted to lose some weight and look better. I got all that and more! I have lost 25kgs and have kept it off for 2 years. I feel amazing and love the new me. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. More importantly, Dianne taught me a whole new way of seeing food and nutrition and the connection to my overall health. It wasn't always easy but she rode the highs and lows of my journey with me and her support was unwavering. 

I don't think it's an understatement to say that Dianne's support has been life changing."



"Dianne is an awesome and easy going person who has helped me get down to a weight I haven't been in 4 years. She is so helpful and willing to answer any and all questions. It's so good to have someone local, genuine and likeable to talk with!!!! So happy with my results!!!"

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