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12 Week Weight Loss Success Program

A 12-Week Program designed specifically for you!

Are you struggling with...

  • Weight issues

  • Stress

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Gut issues

  • Bloating

  • Low confidence

Do you wish you could...

  • Lose weight and feel comfortable in your clothes

  • Relieve stress

  • Have a rejuvenating sleep

  • Experience a flat happy gut

  • Feel empowered and confident

Then join my Weight Loss Success Program!

Topics that may be covered over the 12-week period depending on your individual needs and goals:

  • Nutrition fundamentals for weight loss - Reading food labels, pantry clean out, food shopping guide, foods that promote weight loss, food portions for weight loss, meal preparation planning, food swaps, maintaining a healthy gut

  • Exercise for weight loss - Exercise plan

  • Mindset for weight loss - Gratitude practise, self-reflection activities, energising morning routine, mindful eating

  • Stress and anxiety relief techniques - to promote weight loss and maintain a healthy gut

  • Sleep health - calming night time routine, environment to promote sleep, supporting supplements

  • Eating disorders/bulimia - techniques to manage triggers

  • Self confidence and self-worth techniques - daily practises, recommended self help books to read, journaling, videos, podcasts & counselling

What's included in the 12-weeks:

  • 12 online coaching sessions for 60-minutes (held online via zoom)

  • Accountability check-ins throughout the week

  • Exercise plan

  • Food guide

  • Healthy recipes for weight loss

  • Daily motivational quotes

Book a FREE Discovery Session today!

To book in you can message me via instagram or click here to email me.

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