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Eating Psychology Services

Helping you to discover what underlying issues may be causing you to have cravings and over eat.

Are you feeling low and self-conscious about your weight?

Do you want to help yourself but just don't know how?

By visiting me, an Eating Psychology Practitioner I can help you to work through bad habits that you may have. These can be recent habits brought on from stress, or even habits from your childhood that you haven't let go of yet.


It is not about dieting, it's about learning to work through all the triggers that cause you to overeat or eat poorly. It is also about loving yourself as you are and stop saying, "when I lose weight, life is going to be so much better and I will be happy".


You need to be happy now! 


When you love your body and life, and stop being an 'all or nothing' person the weight comes off secondary. The more you stress about how you look the more cortisol your body makes, then your gut doesn't function properly and the body stores more fat as a protection. 


As an Eating Psychology Practitioner, I like to provide one on one support through: 
➤ Face to Face Consultations 
➤ Over the phone Consultations 
➤ Zoom Consultations


Initial Consultation

90 Mins

Follow up Consultation

60 Mins





6 Sessions 

Every Second Week (60 Mins)

12 Sessions 

Every Week (60 Mins)





8 Sessions + Work Book 

Every Week (60 Mins)


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